Photo Journal | Family Road Trip

     The last few months have been so busy as my life continues to transition and shift with my new job, projects, and client work. I feel like I've been busier and more productive than ever. While that is definitely a good thing in my book - there comes a point where the sheer volume of things going on (including lots of annoying health problems) could really take a negative toll on me if I didn't step away from it all and refresh a bit. So last weekend I did something I haven't done in a long time - a road trip! Kacie, Willow, and I packed the car and hit the road to Bozeman Montana to see her friend Morgan's painting exhibition and to get some much needed fresh mountain air. It was important to me that we actually took the time to enjoy the drive and not rush it too much. Here are my favorite photos from the trip. Brace yourself -- there's a bunch.

Hope you enjoy!