Featured Work | Feature Shoot: 101 Photos Capture the Magic and Heartbreak of Childhood

     I didn't mean for my blog to come to a stand still. I suppose that it might seem that I have just not been making anything new, but the truth is quite the opposite. I have been busier than ever, learning, shooting, and working on all kinds of things - and I can't wait to post about it in depth. In the mean time, one of the many exciting things happening at the moment was waking up to an email that my work was featured in this curated photo series. I wasn't expecting, however, to see my photograph front and center at the top of this series!

     I want to say something about my inclusion in this series. When I saw the call for artists, and that the theme was based on childhood, I immediately felt connected to it. Now seeing the other photos in the series, I can't help but feel intensely connected and a bit emotionally overwhelmed. Having my daughter has reshaped my world, and knowing that has given each image a deeper meaning than I would have felt otherwise.

So here is the post: 101 Photos Capture the Magic and Heartbreak of Childhood