As everyone who as ever been a child probably knows, growing up comes in strange busts and stages. One day they suddenly walk. One day they say words you didn't know they had been listening to. Then it plateaus, for weeks or months - and then BAM, another surprise - she can use a fork or put her own shoes on. It's all coming back to you, I'm sure, as you're reading this - floods of memories of all the times you grew a little as a child. Ok, maybe not. But someone probably remembers those moments for you. One of the perks of being a photographer dad is that I get to catalog all these moments and tell stories years from now. The last couple weeks have been what I will call Willow's "Ball" stage. It's her new favorite word. It's her new favorite object. It doesn't matter if its hers or not, or whether its a bowling ball or a tennis ball - she loves/needs/wants ball. I'll just let these pictures speak for themselves.

[For my fellow photography nerds: 35mm Kodak Tri-X 400, rated at 320, developed in Rodinal 1:50 for 13min - Most came out a smidge underexposed, but still scanned nicely]