Janessa White: A Leader in Innovation

This week I took portraits of a woman by the name of Janessa White -- a woman focused on the cutting edge of a rapidly growing technology: Virtual Reality. Owner of the blog http://www.vrdribble.com, and working closely with organizations like the Boise Virtual Reality Project, Janessa focuses on bringing attention to the ever growing list of positive possibilities of virtual reality - possibilities that are literally more relevant and important than most people know. Lets face it, when most people think of virtual reality, they imagine a futuristic sci-fi world where you can live another life. The truth is, most people in the VR world are finding ways to make the world a better place with technology. I'll let you read about that on her blog and here on Emblematic's website. What I really wanted to focus on here is that when I met Janessa, I really only knew one thing: She needed professional head shots. One week after our session, she won the "Women in VR" Scholarship from Emblematic Group and Oculus VR. Read about it here. I am excited I had the chance to work with her, congrats Janessa!

All photographs taken by myself, Aaron Rodriguez 2015.