Latest Work | The Beginning of the End

This work was a bit of an adventure for me as I dipped a little deeper into the world of conceptual and surreal photography. These two photos were part of a series of photos that were guided by a prompt about the year 2055. We were asked to create work under the pretense of climate change and the way things might be in the future. I was really impressed by the work produced by others and am going to try to get permission to post some of their work here on the blog as well.

So lets talk about the process. First, I have always been intrigued by the cataclysmic and apocalyptic ideas from a few movies including Idiocracy and Sunshine. I also recently read an article about a hypothetical situation that asks what would happen if the sun suddenly went out? so with these things in mind, I kind of created some scenarios in my head and went to work. This project was an endeavor for me because it was the most extensively I've tried to create realistic surreal edits in Photoshop. Textures, emotion, lighting, and color grading were all aspects that I felt were really important to create the right feel for these photographs. I wrote a short narrative to go along with the two images that I wanted to tie them together as a cohesive work. I actually enjoyed the conceptual aspects in this project so much that I plan on continuing this series. Hope you enjoy :)