Parker and Sierra | Destination wedding sneak peek

VERY excited to show you all just ONE photo from a very special wedding with two amazing humans - Parker and Sierra. This full day wedding extravaganza took place in Garden Valley, Idaho. So one thing I want to do is talk about process of this particular image - because I love sharing my process and I hope that some of you will enjoy it as well. This picture is based off of what we will call the Brenizer Method. Its is essentially a composite of 19 images, merged to create a beautiful depth of field and a wonderful point of focus on the two of them. These two literaly had to hold PERFECTLY still for about 1 min as I took each shot. But, their work paid off and they did a wonderful job.

So, here is the photo and I will make sure to announce when the FULL wedding is up!

parker sierra brenizer Facebook size.jpg