Photo Journal | Family Road Trip

     The last few months have been so busy as my life continues to transition and shift with my new job, projects, and client work. I feel like I've been busier and more productive than ever. While that is definitely a good thing in my book - there comes a point where the sheer volume of things going on (including lots of annoying health problems) could really take a negative toll on me if I didn't step away from it all and refresh a bit. So last weekend I did something I haven't done in a long time - a road trip! Kacie, Willow, and I packed the car and hit the road to Bozeman Montana to see her friend Morgan's painting exhibition and to get some much needed fresh mountain air. It was important to me that we actually took the time to enjoy the drive and not rush it too much. Here are my favorite photos from the trip. Brace yourself -- there's a bunch.

Hope you enjoy!

Independence Day Weekend 2016

Photo Walk June 2016

Hey, we have a new tradition we need to catch you up on! About once a week Kacie and myself load up one roll of film each, choose somewhere to walk around and shoot away. One roll. Thats it. It's fun to just try and carefully choose how to spend our shots (in this case 12 shots each). Here are the last two photo walks combined.

All of these one were shot in 120 format on either a Hasselblad or Holga camera. B&W: Tri-X 400. Color: Portra 400.


     As everyone who as ever been a child probably knows, growing up comes in strange busts and stages. One day they suddenly walk. One day they say words you didn't know they had been listening to. Then it plateaus, for weeks or months - and then BAM, another surprise - she can use a fork or put her own shoes on. It's all coming back to you, I'm sure, as you're reading this - floods of memories of all the times you grew a little as a child. Ok, maybe not. But someone probably remembers those moments for you. One of the perks of being a photographer dad is that I get to catalog all these moments and tell stories years from now. The last couple weeks have been what I will call Willow's "Ball" stage. It's her new favorite word. It's her new favorite object. It doesn't matter if its hers or not, or whether its a bowling ball or a tennis ball - she loves/needs/wants ball. I'll just let these pictures speak for themselves.

[For my fellow photography nerds: 35mm Kodak Tri-X 400, rated at 320, developed in Rodinal 1:50 for 13min - Most came out a smidge underexposed, but still scanned nicely]

Featured Work | Feature Shoot: 101 Photos Capture the Magic and Heartbreak of Childhood

     I didn't mean for my blog to come to a stand still. I suppose that it might seem that I have just not been making anything new, but the truth is quite the opposite. I have been busier than ever, learning, shooting, and working on all kinds of things - and I can't wait to post about it in depth. In the mean time, one of the many exciting things happening at the moment was waking up to an email that my work was featured in this curated photo series. I wasn't expecting, however, to see my photograph front and center at the top of this series!

     I want to say something about my inclusion in this series. When I saw the call for artists, and that the theme was based on childhood, I immediately felt connected to it. Now seeing the other photos in the series, I can't help but feel intensely connected and a bit emotionally overwhelmed. Having my daughter has reshaped my world, and knowing that has given each image a deeper meaning than I would have felt otherwise.

So here is the post: 101 Photos Capture the Magic and Heartbreak of Childhood

Film! | B&W medium format

I shot a couple rolls over the last week and got around to scanning them. It's been very nice being able to develop my film at home, and has encouraged me to shoot more. (As opposed to at the lab at my college). These are some street photos and some double exposure shots from a park nearby - all on Kodak Tri-X 400 + my Hasselblad camera.

Sculpting with light | Double exposure portrait session

As a lot of you probably know, when it comes to photography, I like to experiment. My interest in the way that light works and the properties of analog film, along with my ideas on photographic sculptural form, have taken me to this point where I am making images like the ones below. I love the possibilities that sheer chance allow when shooting double exposures, and I love the way that every individual has the potential to create unique and never before imagined representations of themselves using nothing more than themselves and light. These images are not photo-shopped, they are the product of taking to images back to back in my camera.

Hotsprings Photo Adventure

We went off on a short day trip to some hot springs about an hour and a half from home. I loved the fog and moody lighting of the day.

Film love | Hasselblad 500cm

Hey its been a while since posting, and a lot has happened in the last few months. I finally got around to shooting some more color film on my Hasselblad along with scanning the negatives, here are the ones I liked.

Kodak Portra 400 | Hasselblad 500cm | Epson V800 scanner | Edited in Photoshop

Portrait session | Joseph Lyle


This was short photo set I took while filming one of Joseph's pieces : A Walk With the Leaves. If you haven't heard his music, you might want to take a minute and give this gifted solo musician a listen. ----> A Walk With the Leaves


Willow's first Christmas

Ok, technically its not her first Christmas. Last Christmas she was only 2 months old. This year, she was able to experience the real joy of Christmas with her family and friends.

Portrait Session | Philipp

Have you guys heard of Happy Family? It's one of the leading organic baby food companies in the country and their home is right here in Boise, ID. I did a portrait session with one of Happy Family's employees: Philipp, from Germany, and together we beat the cold and rainy weather to knock out some awesome photos.


Video installation pt. 2 | Exhibition

My piece among the others in my under grad class at Boise State University in the video exhibition at the Hemingway Gallery. I documented the conceptualization and construction of my piece in my last blog post here.

New Work | Video: Projection installation

This is the creation progress from start to finish of the rope installation designed specifically for my video work "Connect" . The diagram below is a pattern I created specifically to spread the hanging rope evenly when viewed from an angle. The piece is 2.5ft x 2.5ft x 6ft and includes 150ft of 1" diameter rope. The rope is painted white to create an illusion of flatness when viewed specifically from a certain angle. The video is projected onto that white space. The piece is designed to create a physical textural space to compliment and exaggerate the sensory experience of the video work.

Photo Journal | Thanksgiving weekend in McCall, ID

This Thanksgiving weekend was spent with my girlfriend's family in the beautiful mountains of McCall Idaho. Cabins, snowmobiles, family, dogs, turkey dinner, a wood stove and a warm bed. A road trip with my girlfriend and my dog was pretty much the best way I could have spent the weekend.

Black and White | Family time at the Park

My daughter Willow got to spend some time with her cousin today. It was cold, but beautiful out. I think it will be some time before the concept of a swing makes sense... You'll know what I mean when you see the pics below. What I love is Willow's sense of curiosity. She seems to be attracted to the details--the textures and the sounds that surround her.

Community feature | NAMI Boise

This weekend I made portraits of the members of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Its nice to be able to learn about groups and resources that are an integral part of the community - Here is an excerpt from the NAMI website :

Vision: NAMI-Boise is a diverse organization transforming the community so that people with mental illness and their families are empowered to achieve their full potential and are an integral part of the community fabric.

Mission: Working as Boise’s leading voice on mental illness and as a partner with other concerned individuals and community groups, NAMI-Boise promotes wellness and provides emotional support, education, referrals and advocacy for people with mental illness and their families.

Happy Birthday Willow

It's hard to believe that it has already been a year since little Willow came into this world. Its something I've heard so many people say, and something I'm sure you have heard before - but my life has changed. Everything about the 27 years proceeding the birth of my daughter was a chapter that ended when she was born. My life and my world is her now, in a way that I honestly lack words to describe. I hope that she can look back on these pictures someday and see the joy she has brought into the lives of all of those who surround her. I'm not usually sappy or outwardly emotional, but I am filled with love for this girl. Happy birthday Willow.