In this experience–the Human Experience, I am not much different than any person alive or anyone who has lived. I am curious. It is our insatiable curiosity that makes us peculiar. I believe in the idea of the individual, and that it is the capacity of the individual that makes us so complex. Trying to understand our role as individuals as a dynamic part of the whole of humanity is very important when your goal is to be a part of humanity’s progression. A large part of art for me is an exercise of curiosity to understand my self, and others, to better understand how we function as a whole in order to continue progressing.

            I began in art in high school, emphasizing mostly drawing and painting.  As I continued on to college in 2005, I lost an interest in art and found myself wanting to understand every aspect of life, the universe, and all of our properties. I became more and more interested in history, in all of its grimness. – A true portrait of history is not pretty one, and tells a story of suffering. But it also puts into context our progress as human beings in today’s modern world, which I think is very important in continuing to progress. I began to regain an interest in art, and in 2011 I began a bachelors degree in Fine Arts. (which I am still currently pursuing). I discovered photography as a medium that suits my curiosity and exploration of the human experience. As I continue to be a part of the growing community of art, I want to encourage everyone to use their innate sense of curiosity to better understand the world, themselves as individuals, and their role in the incredibly complex and chaotic whole we call humanity.